Trained to Help You Make the Tough Decisions

It’s all about your people. Strong, knowledgeable agents will represent your brand and drive the growth of your business. But where can you find top talent? Let Lighthouse help. We can connect you with a premier pool of candidates through our rigorous recruitment process. Then, we train agents to ensure they bring out the best of your brand. Ongoing product training and quality assurance ensures a remarkable customer experience. They’ll keep coming back to you because of your people.

Find out how Lighthouse can help you recruit and train top agents to represent your brand. It costs nothing to call 866-230-0222.

We Find People Who Produce

It’s not easy to find quality talent. Save time and stop stressing about your recruiting—we can help. We hire agents that match your marketing plan and time frame. We are connected with premier agents who are best in breed. And we value the soft skills, recognizing that you need agents that will suit your culture and connect with your customers.

  • Hiring the best. Your agents are your brand. Let Lighthouse assist with recruiting so you can onboard the best possible professionals in the industry. We only work with high-quality, licensed insurance agents who are motivated to sell your products, and high-performers who meet business objectives.
  • Learn more. Improve your workforce and get top talent on board today. Lighthouse’s recruiting practice is designed to recruit the best agents to support your brand and mission.
  • Go Lighthouse. Trust us, we know customer service. Call us at 866-230-0222.

Trained to Understand Your Needs

Health insurance can be confusing, and with reform, many of us are wondering what plans are best for us and our families. What changes can we expect? What does health care reform mean for our future, and how can we access affordable coverage with the benefits we need? These are the types of questions our trained agents can respond to—we get the technical issues, but just as important is our ability to relate to customers and help them make smart choices.

We know insurance, in and out. Our agents have deep understanding of insurance and relevant resources. Our training programs cover every aspect of the business, including: products, applications, claims procedures, plan benefits, and rules and regulations of selling and marketing insurance.

  • We’ll handle the paperwork. We pay for agent licenses in every state, along with appointment paperwork. This saves your business time and money. We’ll handle Department of Insurance paperwork and various state requirements.
  • Quality, assured. Our quality assurance procedures are an integral part of training. We are continuously measuring agents’ performance to ensure they are best in class in our industry. We implement call recording, conduct performance assessments, identify growth and improvement opportunities, and offer skills training.
  • Your call campaigns, covered. Our experienced representatives are trained to handle inbound and outbound call campaigns. We customize campaigns to meet your business needs. No matter your business size and growth objectives, we can outfit a campaign to suit your needs.