Grow Your Call Center with Advanced Technology

The Lighthouse call center technology suite is scalable and customizable, supporting your business at every stage. We bring you advanced tools for CRM and quoting, telephony and integration, that will give you a competitive edge. We can serve new and existing clients, and your health insurance exchange needs.

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A Single Source for Managing Clients & Prospects

  • Gain efficiency and get organized. You can manage clients and prospects from a single, convenient platform that’s advanced enough to control all campaigns from a central location, and simple enough to deploy immediately. Track leads and distribution, produce customized proposals and side-by-side quotes, complete electronic applications and run real-time reports. Ready to get started? Call 866-230-0222.
  • Track leads and distribution. Track every email, phone call, fax or other contact with clients and prospects in one spot. You’ll get a real picture of the client lifecycle so you can improve sales processes and keep an eye on efficiency. Automatic lead distribution is customizable by territory, lead source, priority or round robin. Control each lead from the start.
  • Generate accurate quotes. In seconds, you can compare rates and plans online, side-by-side. Produce an easy-to-understand snapshot of available plans and features. Quote life, accident and other ancillary plans you sell.
  • Generate powerful proposals. Compare details of an insurance offering and show product bundle benefits. Send partially completed applications with custom messaging and instructions to remove barriers for the client and increase submitted application conversions.
  • Submit and enroll applications. Our software fully integrates with your underwriting system, so you can complete and submit electronic applications, no problem. Plus, track applications through submission and renewal with real-time underwriting status updates.
  • Run real-time reports. Find out how much each lead costs and determine conversion rates. Compare ROI across different lead sources so you can filter resources into the top-performing campaigns.
  • Secure data. Rest assured, your data is backed up daily and securely stored on multiple co-location servers. Plus, you can access your data 26/7/365. We provide 24-hour network technicians, and security is constantly monitored.
  • Go Lighthouse. Trust us, we know customer service. Find out more without paying a dime. Call 866-230-0222.

Power Up Your Communications

Your business is all about people. Customer service is the core. State-of-the-art communications systems are critical to delivering the experience clients expect. Lighthouse offers a full menu of communications tools, from Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to dialer technology and call scripting and recording.

  • Improve call routing. IVR technology guides every call through a self-service system so clients are routed efficiently. Callers are given automated options, allowing for seamless customer service. Plus, intelligent lead routing allows calls to be routed to agents.
  • Boost outbound campaigns. Predictive dialer allows you to connect with more people in less time on outbound campaigns. The dialer system automate outbound dialing, connecting agents only to calls answered by real people. This lowers the cost per lead and improves conversion rates, resulting in more sales and ROI.
  • Customizing inbound calls. Call scripting tracks each campaign with a dedicated inbound phone number. That away, Lighthouse agents know which campaign a client is responding to so they can customize their script. This maximizes agent productivity and results in consistent call handling and higher conversion rates.
  • Ensuring quality calls. Call recording captures every interaction so calls can be evaluated. Understanding how call interactions play out help you improve client loyalty and retention.
  • Go Lighthouse. Trust us, we know customer service. Find out more by calling 866-230-0222.

Total Integration, Your Way

Our dedicated team of developers is focused on meeting basic to complete integration requests—and we adapt to your system and workflow. What you need is a seamless solution with no interruptions to your business. Lighthouse delives with custom system integration, multi-channel communication and absolute security.

  • Integrate in real-time. No business can afford downtime. That’s why Lighthouse’s integration developer team adapts to your standards and workflow, saving you time and money. You’ll gain accurate information in real-time so you can perform critical analyses and execute decisions quickly. We offer e-application integration, real-time reporting integration, carrier portal integration for submitting applications and VPN access to your network.
  • Get your word out. Multi-channel communication ensures that agents are equipped with the technology to reach consumers via phone, SMS (text), e-mail, chat support or click-to-call.
  • Ensure complete security. Lighthouse has passed rigorous security assessments by the nation’s top insurance carriers and banks. Our production data and applications are located in an SAS 70 Type II certified data center, and all sensitive data is encrypted by true 128-bit SSL/TLS during transmission. All applications are built for PCI and HIPAA compliance, plus you gain the support of our dedicated team and constant monitoring.
  • Improving the way you work. We’re on the cutting edge of delivering the technology you need to perform, which is why we have an eye on ways to improve the system to amend potential trouble spots. Our goal is to make sure you have a stable, smooth-running system 24/7/365.
  • Go Lighthouse. Trust us, we know technology. Find out by calling 866-230-0222.