Robust Benefits In-Network

If you want to pay less out-of-pocket and gain a range of preventive services, consider a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan. HMOs generally require a lower copayment, and give you access to more healthcare services than other plans. With HMOs, you choose a primary care physician who is in the network to meet most of your healthcare needs. If a specialist is required, you’ll get a referral from your physician. And if you want to maximize your HMO coverage, you must stay in network. (Usually, the network is quite extensive, so this isn’t a problem.)

  • Go HMO. You want a plan with lower premiums, or a plan without a deductible—and you don’t mind having an out-of-pocket limit. You need a plan with preventive care including checkups and immunizations. You understand that your primary care physician will make referrals to specialists, and you must stay in network for full coverage.
  • Lighthouse HMO. We’re a trusted source for accessing thousands of affordable health care plans, including HMOs that fit your budget and benefits needs. Find out more, get a free quote, learn how you can have more choice. Just call 866-230-0222.