Check Eligibility & Facilitate Enrollment

Health care reform is changing who is eligible for health insurance, and who qualifies for assistance. Lighthouse is here to help you navigate the health insurance arena now that the Affordable Care Act is in place. We understand the health plans and can offer guidance on how to secure coverage.

  • An expanded pool. Our expanded Qualified Health Plan (QHP) Eligibility and Enrollment services provides eligibility and enrollment services to a larger pool of self-pay patients, including those who are newly eligible for subsidized health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.
  • Real benefits. Screen, educate and enroll patients and you’ll help reduce coverage for subsequent visits and emergency department (ED) visits. We understand that health care can be confusing, which is why we offer easy access to assistance. We are here to help consumers understand their health plans so they can make smart decisions.
  • A seamless process. Consumers can gain immediate access to QHP enrollment assistance, and we’ll help walk them through the process and get coverage options. The more consumers understand different QHPs, the more likely they are to utilize these plans.
  • Complete support. As a licensed insurance broker, Lighthouse can provide complete enrollment support to self-pay patients who may qualify for subsidized insurance at no cost. (The service is funded by insurance carriers.) Our experts can handle everything from verifying important patient information to counseling patients through plan selection and reporting plan details and enrollment back to providers via secure online portals or custom integration.
  • Partner with Lighthouse. Let’s talk more QHP Eligibility and Enrollment. We’re focused on providing continuity for your patients and serving as a resource you can depend on for the latest information on health care reform and affordable health insurance options. Contact us today at 866-230-0222.