Protect Your Best Friend

Your pet is a kid, your brother, a furry friend that shares the bed and goes on vacation with you. He’s part of the family, and you need to plan for how you’ll pay for health concerns that arise when animals age. Caring for a sick pet, or even managing regular veterinary visits, can cause financial stress. You’ll do anything for your companion—but the cost of treatments only add to the pain of going through a difficult time. Pet Health Insurance can relieve the financial burden so you can focus on enjoying your companions.

  • Cover your pets. With Pet Health Insurance, you can choose among licensed veterinarians and ensure coverage of accidents and illnesses. Optional routine care plans are available. Limited coverage plans can cost as little as $5 per month, and the cost may be less if you cover more than one pet.
  • Go Lighthouse. We’ve got your best friend covered. Call us to find out how you can access affordable pet health insurance. We’re ready to talk to you about it anytime, 866-230-0222.