Cover Your Prescription Needs

The cost of prescriptions can really add up. Brand-name drugs can cost hundreds of dollars, and the monthly bill for one (or several more) can add up to a significant financial burden. How will you afford to pay for the medications you need? You can’t always depend on your insurance plan to pick up the tab. Every policy’s prescription drug coverage is different.

  • Prescription Rx Plans. Get a discount card that can save you money at participating pharmacies. You may not have coverage for the brand-name drugs you need, and that’s how the bills can really add up. Figure out if you should get a plan like this by checking the formulary list of drugs you plan offers. Ask your insurance agent for this information, or check online. If your medications aren’t covered, it’s time to get a discount medical program including a prescription drug card.
  • Lighthouse Rx. We’re a trusted source for accessing thousands of affordable health care plans, including discount medical programs for prescription drugs that fit your budget and benefits needs. Find out more, get a free quote, learn how you can have more choice. Just call 866-230-0222.