Healthcare When You Need It—Now.

Professional medical advice is a call or click away. Telemedicine is eliminates the barriers of time and place and puts you in control of your health care. You decide when and where. You make the call, or send out the message. You receive knowledge to help inform healthcare decisions. It’s safe to say that Telemedicine is, truly, all about you.

  • Call-in convenience. Whether you live in rural America and a drive to the doctor’s office is not convenient, or your address is a downtown apartment but the hours and availability of typical doctors’ offices don’t meet your scheduling needs—we have a solution with telemedicine through Lighthouse.
  • Hassle-free care. Access telemedicine products that offer medical assistance from registered nurses and medical doctors 24/7/365. They’ll review medical records, make common diagnoses, recommend treatment plans and even prescribed non-controlled medications if necessary. Plus, you can gain access to electronic or online medical records.
  • Get in the now. Lighthouse will help you choose a telemedicine policy that meets your cost and frequency demands. And we’ll explain how this whole thing works. Telemedicine is the hottest trend in consumer-driven healthcare, and the reason why: it truly caters to you.
  • Go Lighthouse. We’re a trusted source for accessing thousands of affordable health care plans, including telemedicine policies that fit your budget and benefits needs. Find out more, get a free quote, learn how you can have more choice. Just call 866-230-0222.